I saw an article about stress with a sidebar that sounded way too enthusiastic to be helpful– “4 Ways to Stop Stressing–Stat!” You’re supposed to try peeling an orange, it said. Then, you should challenge the likelihood of your worry, plan to fret, and get nostalgic. Apparently if you try to visualize key life events, you probably won’t remember worries associated with the memories. So what’s ailing you now won’t be memorable, either.

I’m trying to write a list of big things that happened to me between twenty and thirty to see if I remember the stress associated with any of them, but instead of events I keep coming up with fragments: places I’ve spent time, music, certain foods. And surprisingly a lot of the things I’m jotting down have to do with the weather, or elements of it. Water and wind.

Things that fight off the worry in me:

The produce section of the grocery store

The Genius of Water fountain in downtown Cincinnati

Book reports

Old houses in older downtowns

The Great Lakes

Snowy fields on fields

The way the clouds look from the air

The part in the Fleetwood Mac song “Dreams” that says, “When the rain washes you clean you’ll know.”


Golfing at the par-3 after the heat breaks in summer

Scarves, hats and snow boots