If I decided to get a Master’s degree, I’d happy delve into any of the following:

1. Field Studies, using Audubon’s Birds of America as central text and the Arboretum as my classroom.

2. Fertility, so I could seriously consider mythology, with a dissertation explaining why babies and corn and the sea are sort of the same.

3. Spiritual Writing, so I could mix a. structure, b. solace, and c. Jesus up in my mind and set the thoughts out to dry on thousands of paper towels and napkins, watching tiny stories grow into trees, fiber, oats, and night.

4. Museology, to spend days in lit by light rooms, wide, clean spaces far away from my closet and the trunk of my car. I’d study inri, netsuke, and Outsider art.

5. On that note, Folk Art. I’d get the degree before moving to Athens, GA and meeting the ghost of Howard Finster in a filling station. Then I’d buy a wooden house and deck out a room with robin’s egg blue walls, a very red rug, a thick old desk, and lots of empty gold picture frames.