Went to Portland this weekend, and while my trip ended with a bad case of influenza, I found a very bright spot Sunday over brunch at this little place north of downtown called Beast. Everything is local and lovely, in four courses served to two communal tables.

Beast, PDX

An article ran in the NYT yesterday called Brooklyn’s New Culinary Movement. I’ve eaten all over Portland and found one place better than the next, and every time I shop for the week I find more homegrown, artisanal goodness in Seattle. I’m proud to live in a part of the world that’s been producing a lot of the specialty foods mentioned in this article, with less fanfare.

They’ve got Prime Meats, we’ve had Salumi. Brooklyn’s Mast Bros. Chocolate roasts from cacao beans, Seattle’s Theo has been doing that for years.

But then again I have to ask myself, why the food fight? Truth is a lot of us are buying locally sourced blah blah, and the more the merrier. Plus, out east there’s a guy who owns a business called Cut Brooklyn. He spends more than an 8-hour work day making one knife, turning out a handful a week. Game point Brooklyn.