I can easily argue that the traces of cafes, bars, and parks that fill up my memory are best left alone. But in practice it’s irresistible to search out these places on Yelp or similar sites. Is Kaldi’s in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine still around? To me, it’s stuck in the 90s. There’s a bald jazz drummer that’s really locally famous playing near the bar, and I’m wearing a baggy black turtleneck. What about St. Theresa’s Textile Trove, where we bought the fabric for bridesmaid dresses? Creaky, wooden, with big bins of exotic weaves, buttons and latches for sale.

It’s the common question everybody’s blogging about in a slightly different context: do you loose or gain by really knowing outcomes–not just of people a la Facebook, but also of old haunts? The purpose of being connected to the Internet, sad but true, is to become easy researchers. So I say tell me more.