For some reason my dad really wants to see this movie from the 90s called something like All in the Family, a straight to video sequel to that shoot-your-eye-out Christmas movie.

He had the day off today so we met for lunch. “I found that movie at Barnes and Noble for five dollars,” he said as we walked to Mae Phim, sliding a disk out of his pocket.

“Dad, what did you do with the case?” The disk was already scratched and smudged. “Oh, it was too bulky, so I threw it out,” he shrugged.

I work with DVDs every day at my job, and a real fear is scratching up a museum’s only disk of cover art. It’s never happened, mostly because I’ve learned like a lot of us to be careful to keep disks in their sleeves.

We kept walking, and I started to hear a weird jingling. “Dad, did you just put the DVD back in the same pocket as loose change?” He looked at me sheepishly and asked, “Are you going to put this on your blog?”

So dad, this one’s for you and your very scratched Ralphie movie. And no, I’m not going to try to watch it with you for all the tea in China.