mister misty

Mount Rainier has been out lately, and seeing it so often has got to be the best by-product of spending summer in Seattle. Driving to the airport last night I waited for the one turn on I-5 when the mountain appears out of nowhere and takes up the whole sky.

The first time I ever saw the mountain was around this turn towards driving towards Sea-Tac, and it was more of a monster than a trusted friend. I screamed. Everybody in the car did. It was a huge baked alaska, oozing toasty marshmallow and runny ice cream towards the car.

I flew over Rainier at night once, and the whole thing was like a glitter ball, silver-spooned and firey. That’s when it turned into something supernatural–the real and honest truth that God’s got to exist. I’m pretty sure the mountain started floating with the plane and turned more Everest than Everest, a petrified forest and a candied anti-Hades all at once.