Friday night:

Ate steak frites at Cafe Lago; gave wife birthday gifts–charm bracelet and Seahawks v. Bears tickets; Ate cake; Looked at Italy photos; Asked wife to hide keys to balcony so I didn’t jump off, almost caused scene.

Saturday night:

Had burger and fries at the Red Mill (noticing a theme in diet); went to bed.


Got up, went to church; Went to Bluwater (wanted a burger and fries) but Sue wanted pizza. I ordered a half-sausage and half-cheese with half the normal amount of sauce. It comes out will full sauce, tomatoes on all parts. By the time Sue got done taking the tomatoes and sauce off she ends up picking through the thing and barely eating it. Oh, and I had a mai tai with extra cherries. You know, maraschino cherries instead of fruit. The waitress asked if I wanted grenadine in it, too. I said sure, I want the grenadine AND the cherries. So I’m halfway through my drink and see a black speck in the bottom, spend ten minutes trying to get it out. The waitress noticed, and instead of getting me a full new mai tai she gives me half a drink in a tumbler without the speck in it. Which was good enough for me.

Then we walked Greenlake and noticed how many dogs looke like their owners.