I’m about to have a son. Any day now, actually. Posting on Weatherspoon daily has been a good exercise for me, and I’ve been proud to stick with this tiny ritual for more than a year now. But I’m going to take a break for a bit, and then I’m planning to write with less regularity while life re-sets itself.

In a few minutes I’m sitting down to eat wintry things, getting my body ready for what’s ahead. It’s like this whole new color will get invented as soon as he’s born, and I can’t begin to see it now because nobody but God imagines colors. But soon everything will have this tint and it will filter over my clothes, water, the soles of my shoes.

And the way life feels different between summer and winter will be a really old feeling, because now I’ll have this kid, and this hue, and everything everywhere will be like leaves pressed in books and lost for awhile.