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The One I Love from: All the Way from Michigan Not Mars from factory twenty five on Vimeo.

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I just posted about this over at, but it’s such a cool project I want to post on Weatherspoon as well. There’s an artist from Los Angeles called Robert Fontenot. After hearing that LACMA was deaccessioning more than 100 costume and textile collection items he bought up about half of them and is wonderfully re-imagining the objects. From Turkish textile to wastebasket, coat to kite, and skirt to dog bed, he’s about half-way through the project. You can follow along on Fontenot’s blog, here.

By the way, I have little desire to live in LA, except that I’m pretty sure that everything LACMA does is brilliant. Their ask a curator series, blog, and Twitter page are all addictive. My company just produced a book for a LACMA show up now called Your Bright Future profiling contemporary Korean artists, and the whole exhibit looks so interactive and interesting that I’m tempted to pop on Virgin Air this weekend and fly to LA just to go to the museum.

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It’s the hottest 29 July ever recorded in Seattle–reached 102 degrees a while ago. Can’t believe I’m pregnant.

Sea-Tac Everett Olympia Bremerton
7 a.m. 75 79 68 79
8 a.m. 82 83 75 81
9 a.m. 88 86 81 84
10 a.m. 93 89 83 90
11 a.m. 90 93 86 91
12 noon 93 95 90 93
1 p.m. 96 96 95 97
2 p.m. 99 98 98 99
3 p.m. 101* 98 101 100
4 p.m. 102 98 104 100
Source: National Weather Service
* Sea-Tac recorded 102 degrees between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

I’m ignoring the heatwave in Seattle, even though I’m pretty sure my swollen feet and snotty nose aren’t. To cope, I’m listening to a lot more radio stories this week.

I’m usually uninspired by Bob Mondello’s film reviews, but I loved today’s piece on All Things Considered called Food On Film: The Famished And The Fabulous. I think I’ve seen all of the movies he mentions at least once. Have a listen.

My parents were a day away from buying a house on Quail Canyon Drive. This was northern Indiana. No quails or canyons naturally existed for hundreds of miles, mind you. The house is lassoed in blue below.

Picture 1
A few years later, when I was a senior in high school we almost bought this other place on Sweet Blossom Court. My dad had an official handshake with Herb, the subdivision’s builder, as an unwritten expression of the deal. When my parents pulled the offer later, dad got a very tart letter explaining that the arrangement was legally banished. Including the handshake with Herb. This other place is in yellow below.

Picture 2

I found these almost-homes on Google maps, even though I had no good reason to go looking for them and I’m glad we never ended up in either place. My real street had a real name that had to do with trees, which we really had.

Except that it’s still new to me–seeing the tip tops of places I’ve been inside of, known the smell of–whenever I want.