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So I don’t forget:

wawa (water)
pop pop (grandfather)
uh oh


Cliff Mass reports on his excellent weather blog the sad truth about the very chilly Seattle weather we’re still in the middle of:

During the last month only 3 days have reached or exceeded the normal maximum temperature, while over half the days have had minima below the normal lows. We should have highs in the mid-50s now.

But chin up. Saturday looks like it’s going to be warm and sunny enough to pacify even frosty, rain-booted me.

Day to Day

I’m charmed by many of the books Princeton Architectural Press publishes. A recent PAP favorite is The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings.

Photographer Kaylynn Deveney struck up a friendship with the then 85-year-old Albert Hastings after becoming his neighbor in Wales. She began to photograph his simple daily acts, asking Hastings to write captions under each of her pictures.

With so much bad news these days, there’s something surprisingly heartening about the pictures that fill this book. It in essence looks at the often lonely life a widowed man living hand-to-mouth, sure. We see Hastings claiming his pension check and filling in a handmade chart of TV programs for the week ahead.

But it’s also comforting to see someone living well who is also living very simply. In one photo Hastings takes homemade scones out of the oven. In another he discusses a book with a friend

This cheeky shanty by Hastings gives the finger to the nightly news. He penned it before his death in 2007 at 91 years old:

Death of a Cynic

Not an awful world I’m leavin;

Let it be short quick and sharp.

Then I can go up to my Evelyn

an’ learn to play me bloody ‘Arp.

Then I’ll see our Dear Savior

Oh, how happy I will be

I will clap my hands saying

To Hell with Radio BBC

There was a huge blizzard in Indiana the winter before I was born. My mom talks about the storm in this mythic way–she remembers being very pregnant, gearing up in a snowmobile suit and trekking to the grocery for bread and liters of water. The pipes were in danger of bursting and everyone was stuck in our subdivision for days.

After hearing that story as a kid and thrilled at the notion of a real adventure , I was always prepared for some week-long whiteout that would trap us inside. In anticipation, I used to pull every blanket we owned in the tub of our extra bathroom along with water, Cheerios, a flashlight, battery-powered radio, stuffed bear, and the Bible.

Seattle has had more snow and ice and slush this last week than any time in recent memory and I found myself wanting to bring an updated emergency kit into the bathroom in case–the Bible could stay, but we’d add bourbon, marzipan fruits, and cards for gin rummy to the mix.


Mustard greens and gloves.