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Have you heard?

British singer Morrissey was hospitalized overnight after reportedly collapsing on stage during a concert, medical officials said Sunday…

I drew this a couple of years ago, imagining how I’d feel when I had a baby someday. But at the time it seemed silly, grandiose.

I’m less than eight weeks away from having a son, and coming across the drawing again I’m surprised at how well it matches the optimism and anticipation I feel just before meeting this person my body made out of feathers and threads.

whole ranges

On Friday nights in high school I’d drive to the Lutheran seminary in my hometown and listen to R.E.M. tapes with my friends. We’d sit around a big, empty courtyard near half a dozen little fountains lit by yellow spotlights.

Voices talking somewhere in the house, late spring and you’re drifting off to sleep with your teeth in your mouth.

A big lake sat next to the grounds near half-empty dormitories. “That’s where the lonely seminarians live,” my high school boyfriend would say.

A security guard on hourly rounds walks by and we stop the tape until he passes. Sit still in the middle of everything, surrounded by fountain and dorm lights and all that water.

Have you seen the Worst Case Scenarios Basic Survival Guides? How to survive nuclear fallout, how to catch a fish without a rod, that sort of thing. They’re fun and sort-of useful, maybe like watching Man vs. Wild.

I was leafing through Foxfire 4 on Sunday night with its hand-drawn illustrations straight out of Appalachia about how to make your own bread knive, berry basket. I love how earnest and slow food the Foxfire books are. How back-to-school. Maybe if I collected the whole series of 12 Johnny Appleseed would come a-knockin’.


I’m officially on vacation and off-line for the next week.

See you back on Weatherspoon Monday, August 24.

Is that people start putting up pictures of themselves that look a lot like this.