I first posted my list of slept-in-beds last spring on Thirtymoon. But there’s something about autumn, when there’s so much dark that you could sleep on sleep, that’s again got me thinking about beds where I’ve slept.

Friends have started to contribute their own lists. Want to compile one to be included here on Weatherspoon?

Slept-in-Beds (two weeks or more)
Childhood bedroom Indiana
Basement guestroom (with termites!) in aunt’s rowhouse Bridgeport, Chicago
Mint in the backyard, oatmeal in the mornings grandparent’s house Indiana
Sun tea on the porch, watermelon in the creek lakehouse Sturgis, Michigan
Dorm rooms, various Indiana
Haight-Ashbury Victorian, summer internship San Francisco
10th and Waverly walk-up, across from Nine Lives Bookshop Greenwich Village
NYU dorm, by the farmer’s market Union Square
Loft above the Civic Theater with a huge vintage vault, green house with slugs in the garden, blue house by the river Indiana

House by the Arboretum, Craftsman with rats in the basement, co-op by the doughnut shop, Seattle